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New vid

2017-07-15 00:37:21 by Jackson-Siegel

Check it:


It'll hopefully be more entertaining than Seans rant and clarify some things.

Madness Association

2016-12-29 13:29:22 by Jackson-Siegel

Well, I know all of you don't want this to happen, but its the way things went. So I'm throwing in the towel, the project is dead. 

Now I'm not going to leave you guys unsatisfied. I will give you the latest .swf, and what Part C has.

But over the course of the time making this thing, a whole abundance of problems like corrupt files, viruses, and too much storage made this godforsaken thing impossible to complete. And I still find it useless to continue when I look back and feel dissapointed in my old animations. So in the end I'm gonna give up on this.

However, I'm not going to stop madness, I think I'm going to continue something with Dudingdarn, so I'm not going to be ending madness yet.


So here is the unfinished Part B

                                       and Part C


I hope you guys don't get too upset.




2016-10-17 17:33:03 by Jackson-Siegel


Sprites: Me, Cethic, Dudingdarn